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DPF Chemical Cleaning

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DPF and EGR Valve Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filter

Vehicles manufactures are required to reduce diesel engine emissions in accordance with the EU emission standards. In order to achieve this reduced level of soot, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are now fitted into diesel engines.

The DPF is designed to trap and store soot that is produced by the diesel engine during normal driving. The DPF allows exhaust gasses to enter the DPF and the soot is trapped inside the filter allowing cleaner exhaust gasses to exit into the atmosphere, and in doing so reducing exhaust emissions.

The Diesel Particulate Filter will block up if the engine is constantly doing short journeys and poor diesel is used. In order to operate fully, the DPF needs to regenerate. Regeneration is a process to clear the soot that has been collected inside the DPF. Failure to regenerate will result in the soot building up inside the DPF, which leads to a lack of power problems due to the high pressure in the exhaust system.

The vehicles engine management light will then notify the driver that there is a problem. There are two different generation modes used to clear the soot stored in the DPF. One is a Passive regeneration. This takes place whilst driving when engine load elevates exhaust temperatures to burn small amounts of soot. The other is Manual regeneration. This process of regeneration is initiated by using a diagnostic scan tool. The technician plugs in the diagnostic tool and instructs the ECU to start the regeneration. If the DPF is heavily blocked then these two regeneration modes may not clear the issue.

In order for regeneration system to work successfully all exhaust and engine management system components need to be in full working order. Otherwise the engine management control module software will disable manual generation, failing to regenerate the DPF. If the DPF is not regenerated and left unattended for a certain period of time, a new part will be required costing a considerable amount of money.

Exhaust gas recirculation valve

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a nitrogen oxide emissions reduction technique used in some petrol and diesel engines.

It works by recirculating a portion of the engines exhaust gas back into the engine cylinders. Since the EGR system recirculates a portion of the exhaust gasses, over time the valve can become clogged with carbon deposits that prevent it from operating properly.

A clogged EGR will cause engine performance issues, decreased power and acceleration, rough idle and the engine management light to come on.

VCT Systems provide a bespoke cleaning chemical treatment for totally blocked DPF’s and EGR valves.

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DPF Chemical Cleaning Testimonials

Stuart Da Veiga

"Hi, my wife had her car done today. 1st the technicians were friendly and polite and a credit to your company they were very professional and explained everything to my wife. She has taken the car out since they worked their magic and she is very happy with the outcome and the cost of them doing it. We will be getting our other cars done and spreading the word to hopefully get you lots more customers. This will now be a yearly clean for our cars.

Thank you so much for the very quick reply and appointment time."

Emilio Lionetti

"Was hesitant at first but their special offer for a carbon clean was too good to pass on. My car feels so much smoother and engine management light has gone off. VCT Systems machine speaks for itself. See you next year."

Theresa Martin

"I really didn't think it would make too much of a difference to my car having the carbon clean, but I was wrong! It has improved its performance and drives like it's meant to"

Craig McNaughton

"My Jag failed its MOT on emissions so I called VCT who were kind enough to book me in quickly for the carbon clean. After one hour treatment and a lot of smoke I was hoping this had done the trick and it did!! The tester said the emission readings were 40% lower so I cannot thank you guys enough! Quality service."